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Sean Plott is a pretty cool guy. I like video games, music, and food.
Sep 26 '11

Starcraft just seems to have lost it..

It’s just not fun anymore o_o

Sep 26 '11


the coolest girls are ones that play tf2

Sep 11 '11

Marines are too fucking good.


Aug 31 '11

My Internet at the dorm won’t let me play Starcraft.


It constantly kicks me off. And I payed money to live in this jail.

My Internet is screwing around too. As is Day9’s. What is this?

Aug 23 '11

Listening to k-pop makes me want to be good at Starcraft.

Aug 23 '11

Build Order for Eggs - BvB (breakfast vs breakfast)

1 Heat frying pan
@100% heat - Whisk eggs (with milk and salt)
@100% whisk - Melt butter
@90% butter melt - Add egg mixture
@First sign of setting - Martha Stewart Stirring Technique
Flip eggs over as needed
Push out when Eggs finish

Aug 20 '11

Forever Gold.

Aug 20 '11

I got demoted to gold :(


Jul 31 '11

You’re like a car crash in slow motion. It’s like I’m watching ya fly through a windshield!”

Jul 16 '11

Typhon Peaks blows.

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